The United States government has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Israeli Political Action Committee.

Nobody is going to fight a war for Biden, he is dumber than Bush . . . Nobody is going to fight a war for that kikesucking Zionist ass-whore Nikki Haley . . .

The fat, bulbous curry nigger, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, was telling everyone how the army is full of bad racist white men, and now the Army is doing ads begging for more young white men?

What happened?

Even with a full-on declaration of war from Congress, and even if Gavin Jewsome could be cheated in by ZOG somehow, with Globohomo brigades going door-to-door looking to impress white American children into military service, they will be met with armed, well-trained opposition.

White people are done fighting wars for you kikesucking Zionist ass-whores . . . With the border wide open, open warfare at home within the USA is a certainty if a foreign war is declared.

Get ready for it fuckface, you fat old fags are in no shape to fight a war.


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Authorities who run football are clueless and supported by clueless club owners.

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